About Us

Diane French, ES

Diane French, Director Equine Programs
Equine Specialist – Certified Eagala, EAP, EAL

Growing up with horses inspired a love and passion to continue learning about these intelligent creatures. Over a lifetime I have worked in several professions involving a variety of equine breeds including carriage driving, rodeo, showmanship, racing and cattle ranching. Regardless of the breed or horse activity, one aspect in my own personal growth and learning was to acquire a deep appreciation and understanding of horse behaviors and emotions. As a prey animal, horses have evolved overtime and are highly sensitive. Naturally social, horses react to our nonverbal cues and body language. My time spent with horses grounded me in my self-pursuit of wellness and overcoming personal challenges.

With a love for the great outdoors, our family moved to Idaho in 2003. We settled into our rustic cabin in 2007 and began to nurture and grow a small working horse ranch south of Lake Lowell. In 2015 I began searching for an opportunity to share with others the rich experience of personal growth and learning through horses. I studied Equine-Assisted Therapy and Equine Emotions & Behavior through the Animal Behavior Institute. Under the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) program I then became certified in 2018 as an Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Equine Specialist.

Simply being in the presence of horses helps us self-reflect on our approach to relationships, face and overcome personal challenges, and begin the process of healing. Much like us, horses have defined roles within the herd, distinct personalities, attitudes and moods. As prey animals, horses are highly sensitive to our actions and frame of mind. Through horses and experiential activities, individuals experience self-growth, learning, and healing. As Director of Equine Programs, I seek to offer our local community members a variety of equine assisted programs to inspire, promote wellness, and facilitate the growth and healing process. My role as Equine Specialist is to monitor each horse’s behavior and provide clients personal space to experience and explore. To facilitate this unique self-discovery, I look forward to sharing with clients our gentle team of horses, private arena space, and a hands-on experience to explore personal issues, make connections, and find solutions.


I love to interact with people in smaller more intimate settings, and our place is perfect for just that. I enjoy hearing about other people’s adventures, travels and family.  Things they have done or want to do and if they align with my own interests, I can visit for hours.  I love to make people feel welcome, like they are home and receiving a warm blanket wrapped with love.

My favorite seasons are fall and winter, and not necessarily in that order. The changing colors, colder nights, and finally snow.  The cool air refreshes my mind and body, the snow gives me a different view and allows for nights by a warm fire.  I love little adventures in the winter either snow shoeing, skiing or even a trail ride with the horses. I find that the great outdoors is my church and fills my cup.

Growing up my family enjoyed the outdoors camping, fishing and hunting.  My brother and I would play outside all day long only to come in at dark. I grew up in logging country and loved the smell of Douglas fir, pine and many other trees. At a young age I realized that someday I wanted a log home.  Not one that was log on the outside only to find sheet rock on the inside, but a log home both inside and out.

In 2007 our log home dream became a reality and we have loved living here every day since.  We often find ourselves sitting on the couch looking up at the ceiling and simply enjoying the different colors of wood, appreciating the noises the logs make, and of course the smell and feeling that comes with owning a genuine log home. We love the warmth and comfort we feel when we come home, with the cabin wrapping itself around us like a giant blanket.

We enjoy sharing and giving to people and prefer intimate settings and gatherings. We like to get to know people and their families, and share common interests.

Our place is nestled in the midst of agriculture fields and along the migratory path of birds that gives us great views and a melody of nature’s calls.  It offers serene mornings and evenings as the sun rises and sets to relax, rejuvenate and reflect.