Trinity Journal

October Musings

Fall is always a welcoming season here at Trinity Ranch. Cooler nights, autumn colors and evenings filled with freshly brewed hot tea and good reading books. With the hustle and bustle of spring growth, gardening, horse training, trail rides, spring cleaning and the long and hot summer days full with cabin and farm projects, the fall is our time to begin our winter rest. A walk along our irrigation canal presented ample opportunities to reflect as the blazing orange sun set to a full October moon. The moment reminded us how important it is to make time, or take time, to just be present.


The geese overhead making way to the lake for their nightly rest, resonated with song and lofty wings as they lifted from nearby cornfields and crossed paths with the rising full moon. Every season presents feathered wings of various birds and the fall is especially amazing with large flocks preparing for long flights south. Our family of dogs and cats meandered along with us, tails wagging, and conversation ensued on how grateful we are for our family, our ‘flock’ of friends and our place in this beautiful setting.



Every year we decide on a cabin or farm enhancement project. This year included the addition of a greenhouse to extend our growing seasons and allow for earlier seed starts for the garden.  And as it goes, the greenhouse ‘project’ arrived in the spring only to be set aside until we had more time for project planning and construction. Through help from dad and our son, we are nearly complete with the greenhouse foundation.  How grateful we are for family and new beginnings!


This photo of our beautiful horse herd gives one a strong sense of direction, being attentive to our surroundings, and sticking together to face whatever comes our way. As a new Bed & Breakfast we value home-style service, holding space for an experience, and being attentive to the needs of those who join us for stay. A recent phone call to cancel a two-day booking ‘briefly’ brought thoughts of doubt and negative connotations. I quickly reminded myself that by simply letting go with understanding and compassion, the universe would bring much more and that a new adventure would await us at Trinity cabin.


And as it goes, 15-minutes later we received a call from a wife for an overnight reservation that night. The request included a motor-parasail fly-in with the couple celebrating the husband’s 1000 parasail flight. What an adventure and an amazing experience! We enjoyed an evening and early breakfast with our new found friends, conversing of travel, adventure, and passionate interests.  Several other recent bookings brought us new friends from Ohio, who serenaded us after breakfast with beautiful guitar music in our loft and Oregon, who shared wonderful conversations on old books and mindful meditation. And, as it goes, several days later the previous cancellation rebooked with us! A great reminder to just let go, be open for new adventures, and to be ever grateful for whatever comes your way.